Cinema & Music

Committee Chairs:
Alyssa Alpino (Headliners)
Jordan Rumford (Films)

Fall/Spring Semester Meeting Schedule: Thursdays at 5pm in Benson 410.

Weekly & Special Events

Weekly and Special Events

Committee Chairs:
Megan Hopkins (Special Events)
Spencer Fishstein

Fall/Spring Semester Meeting Schedule: Wednesdays at 5pm in Benson 410.

Speakers, Culture & Community

Speakers, Culture & Community

Committee Chairs:
Jenny Hill (Culture and Community)
Brad Spoerri (Culture and Community)
Megan Anderson (Speakers)

Fall/Spring Semester Meeting Schedule: Sundays at 6pm in Benson 409.

Campus Traditions

Campus Traditions

Committee Chairs:
Tori Taylor (Campus Traditions)
Rylie Frayman (Campus Traditions)
Caleb Woody (Deacon Pride)

Fall/Spring Semester Meeting Schedule: Wednesdays at 6pm in Benson 410.